Ostschule Gera - Europaschule

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Our school is almost 100 years old. There are more than 400 pupils and 45 teachers at our school. It is not far away from the city centre, about 600 metres away.

Gera lies in the east of a part of the Federal Republic of Germany.
It is situated in the valley of the river "Weiße Elster". Gera has got ca. 106000 inhabitants, 1479 of them from foreign nationalities. At the moment our city is preparing for the "Bundesgartenschau" in 2007. This is a federal exhibition of hundreds of different kinds of plants, flowers and modern ecologically designed areas covering huge places inside the city.


ur symbol - the sun - it stands for pleasure and security. Nobody will ever be alone. Guidance teachers, form teachers and all the other teachers will always give advice to get best results and to feel happy at our school.


chool is living ! It goes beyond the 45 minutes of a lesson. It is learning and using talents and ambitions to make projects, excursions and highlights of our school more exciting.


raditions are moulding the history of our school. They are the mirror of our school. Students, parents, teachers, our partners and our promotion association take intensively part in the preparation of the hundredth school anniversary in 2006.


port, fun and games help to master our tasks and make the years spent at our school unforgettable.


eska Lipa - Gera an extraordinary town twinning between two schools. Yearly exchanges strengthen our friendship and improve the knowledge about foreign cultures. Friends talk to each other,enjoy working together and have fun.


ope means looking forward to new projects and the Thuringian curriculum, means learning new techniques and being fit for the 21st century.


nderstanding the nature, saving the environment and helping the people of the world-this is not only the intension of our club "Local History and Hiking" but also the main focus of all parts of our school days.


earning to learn or learning by doing - this is the aim of our numerous projects to reach constant and durable achievements. We participate in study trips to London and to historical or culturally famous places in Germany, in all kinds of competitions and in stays at Youth Hostels.


uropaschule - an honorary title our school was awarded in May 2003. Being worth it is everybody´ s daily job.


oing for non-violence at our school, we are resolved to find a satisfactory way in dealing with conflicts. Justice and democracy form a stable foundation as a base for communication.


verybody´ s success makes us strong. We help each other and work together. Examinations, highlights, sports events, school image, competitions, the co-operation of school teams and many more attractions give support to each student.


ules are important to learn being considerate and to accept weakness as well as strength of teachers or students and to respect each other.


positive auraon our neighbours is one of the most important aims in order to make our school an attractive cultural centre of this living area.